Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Secrete of Success in Internet Business – Seven Strategic Keys to Internet Success

In this article, I will explain most of the important things you need to succeed in an on line business. These, I called seven keys to internet business success.
Before I go on, there is a need to let you know that success is success. The word success is the same whether online or offline. So, many of the factors that affect or rules that are governing success in ordinary day to day business activities are still very much applicable in an online business.
Now that you know that there are no separate rules for an online business, the question running through your head now is how then fewer people succeed in an online business. This and other questions we shall soon find answer to one after the other.
You can now take the keys one after the other as you proceed. The number one key is discipline. You must be discipline for you to succeed in an online business. The level of discipline required in an online business is more than the level required in every other business. For more information on discipline you can check out one of my articles titled “Discipline and Attitude – Road Map Success in this same site.
The second key is hard work and dedication. Many programs on the net will tell you that you don’t need to do anything before making $1000 daily. Run from any site you see such statement. They only want you to buy one of their junks that will not even deliver 0.1 percent of their promises. Just like conventional work and businesses, internet business requires hard work and dedication. You need to do a lot of reading and writing in order to succeed in an online business. It required research, marketing, selling, and advertisement which means a lot of reading and writing. To succeed in an online business you have to make reading and writing a culture. Those who hate reading and writing should stop think about online business.
The third key is focus. Focus is another great tool that is required to succeed in an online business. When you ask the internet one question, she will give you over one million answer. Every internet entrepreneur wants to confront you with their products. So, if you are not focused you will spend the whole year in the internet without achieving anything. Focus on a program. Try and get result before checking out another one, otherwise you will end up buying over 1000 e-book without making a dime. You can even improve on a program written by another person make optimal use of it more than the owner. That is the power of focus.
The number four key is investment. Many people want to make money on the net but they are not ready to invest a dime. They cannot even invest their time. This category of people often fall victims to scams. There are some good programs that you can invest $15, $20 or $50 to start up. Yes, I know you are afraid of being scammed. I recommend that you use some scam detective hints. I will talk about scam hints in my next article. There are some programs that all you need to invest is your time. In fact time is a very great asset in internet business.
The fifth key is perception of success. You have to see success as journey but not destination or place or a stage in life. Once you start to see success as a journey the sky will be your limit, but the day you start to see success as a destination will mark the beginning of your down fall because you will stop to develop yourself to meet up with the ever evolving atmosphere of business.
Further more get into work and stop procrastination. Don’t postpone any task with every little excuse. Rather, be looking for every opportunity to optimise the little time within your control. Remember, it is working on the net but not playing on the net. It is home business but not home play. It is internet business but not internet play. So make your bed the way you want it.
Finally, caution is very important in internet business. Remember that any client or potential marketer in the internet is a total stranger. You must be very cautious because you don’t even see the person you are transacting business with but there are hints to watch out for. These hints will be fully elucidated in my next article. So, many of the factors that affect or rules that are governing success in ordinary day to day business activities are still very much applicable in an online business, except that more caution is required in an online business than ordinary business. I will also advise that you should always try to be professional in every thing you do.

Written by Felix O Ebago

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