Thursday, 10 July 2008


Perception in this content means how you see certain things? The way things are accepted by different individuals. So in relationship with success, it means the way people understand success.
So many people, including myself not until very lately take success as a destination or a place. A place or a stage in life that every good things is available in abundant at the tip of your fingers. This perception of success is however no doubt correct but not in the sense of financial success. Indeed perception of success actually means a place or a destination. It means heaven or paradise. A place where sorrow shall be a thing of the past for the successful ones.
However, in this content when everything we are talking about revolved on the wheel of financial success, it means a journey not a destination or a place. The day you make the mistake of taking success as a destination, or a place and assumed that you have arrived because you have some few dollars to throw about, will mark the beginning of your downfall or the return from the journey you started long time ago.
The earlier you accept the fact that success is a journey but not a destination the better it is for you. That is why you see wealthy people working harder than ever, because they understand that success is a journey.
So, to be successful is to continue on the journey of success. Always device a means of accelerating and avoid retardation. See success as a journey of life. Don’t allow failure to weigh you down. You are only a failure when you fail to try again. Those that see success as a place or a destination doesn’t remain there for too long, because, they will rest when they get to the destination. Pride will blind them and when they eventually realize that they need to continue the journey, they always feel too pompous to get back to work.

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Written by Felix O Ebago

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