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Discipline And Attitude - Road Map To Success In Business

What is discipline? Discipline in this content encompasses regularities, diligence, punctuality, endurance, dedication, continuity, focus and above all, the ability to recognise what you are supposed to do, doing it at the right time without being pushed or forced to do so in a manner that depict maturity.
The greatest enemy of success is indiscipline. You must be discipline to become an achiever. Until you recognised the fact that an average human being is a statute of indiscipline you will not be able to differentiated discipline from indiscipline. You ability to differentiate between the two opposite words is what make you discipline. High level of discipline is required to be successful in anything you are doing, whether on or offline. The higher the level of your discipline, the higher your chances of being a leader. It is high level of discipline that contributes to making some people leaders and others the leads. For instance it takes up to 50% discipline to be able to graduate from the university. In the university, there is nobody to push you to read your books. Nobody will even flog you for not attending classes. This is why it takes an average disciplinarian to graduate from a university.
Have you ever asked yourself why is it that graduates are more successful in any field they found themselves than nor scholars? The reason is simple. It is because they have been trained to do their own things without being pushed during their school days. So discipline has become part of them.
Another side of discipline that without it, this content will not be complete is that so many times we find our mind willing to do something at the right time but often times the body will not be willing. Have you not experienced it? Yes. I have experienced it myself. Your ability to understand that your body is not will to obey the command of your mind is an act of indiscipline, the more discipline you will be and also the more successful, you are likely to be in anything you are doing.
Still on discipline, so many times we find ourselves doing the wrong things even though our mind disapproves it. For instance, spending valuable times doing unproductive things- such as hanging out with boyfriends, girlfriends, engaging in an unprofitable affairs etc. You know what I am talking about. Don’t you? Yes, smokers don’t actually like smoking, their mind disapproved it, but consciously or unconsciously they found themselves still smoking. So try as much as possible to do those things that your mind approved and avoid those things that your mind disapproved even though your body is willing to do them.
Has it ever occurred to you before, that it is only extra ordinary people that achieve great success? The more ordinary you are the lesser your chances of being successful. Likewise, the more extra ordinary you try to make yourself the higher your chances of being successful. Now let us find out the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary person. The difference is the extra that is in extra ordinary person. Extra ordinary person does a little extra work, spend a little extra time wisely, has a little extra patience, excise a little extra care, and above all do almost everything he does just a little better than his peers and rivals. And the only drive that makes you extra ordinary is discipline.
Below are some of the guide line to maintain high level of discipline
1 You must always be punctual in your office and all your appointment.

2 You must learn how to do things without being reminded, in a manner that depicts maturity.
3 You must know that any wasted time can never be regained.
4 You must avoid procrastination. Do not live what you are supposed to do now for the next minute.
5 Avoid everything that does not add value to you
6 Practice and know how to relate with people.
In conclusion, discipline and attitude is the number one key in the fundamental keys to success. The secrete to great success is discipline. It is a strong requirement to succeed in life. You must try as much as possible to be discipline in everything you do. Though it is not easy but you have to practice it and make it your watch word. If you are able to use effectively, this number one key to success, I meant discipline, success must be yours.

Written by Felix O. Ebago

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