Thursday, 3 July 2008

Online Business Ideas - 5 Steps to Find Them Fast!

So you want to make some extra money or start your own online business and you just need to find some good online home business ideas? Where do you start?

Finding your first ideas, most experts suggest, are from your own experiences, your personal interests and hobbies, even from your own family situation. Such ideas might include your interest in restoring antique cars, your work experience as a claims adjuster, the process of refinancing your home mortgage even what you learned about being a new mother! These are all ideas that other people share an interest in - an important component for an online business.

As you examine these online business ideas, start a list, or better yet, a journal. Here you can write down all of these ideas, and don't filter any out yet, just jot them down for later research. Once you have a good long list of ideas, sort them by topic: hobbies, work, family, etc. so that you can begin picking the best ones.

Picking the "best" online business ideas is the very most important part of determining whether or not your venture can be successful. Let's take an example, tropical fish, and see how many other people are searching for information on them. By using a free keyword tool you can easily find this information. By then going to other free sites you can get an indication whether or not there is widespread interest in your idea.

Your next step will be to figure out what is being sold, or better, what is being bought by these same people. By searching at affiliate product networks and auction sites, again by signing up for free accounts, you will be able to research sales in the area of your interest. It is often very beneficial to spend an hour or two in your favorite book chain store in the magazine section seeing what magazines are advertising about relating to your idea. If products are being advertised, it's a very good indication that people are buying!

To bring it all together, from a few hours or days of research, you'll discover. For example, that there are not many people who share your passion for collecting old washing machines, but there are tons of folks who would love to learn how to obtain a lower cost mortgage or who want to lose weight with appetizing food choices. Your online business idea will lead to success by providing a product that people will readily buy and this is the basic marketing research needed to achieve good results.

No stranger to working from home, Steve has operated several businesses from his home office for more than 20 years, both online and offline.

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By Steve Gilbat

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